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Traditional Sideline and STUNT

Moorpark High School recognizes that cheerleading is a multifaceted activity which is why we support not only the traditional sideline/school spirit based squad, but also support the CSC  (Competitive Sport Cheer), also known as STUNT, team. Our teams are separate, but equal, and both show the pride, dedication, commitment, athleticism, and skill that cheerleading demands.


Motivators. Educators. Mentors.


Cara Tedrick

Head Coach and Advisor

I have been coaching cheer for over 10 years, building 2 programs from the ground up. I am passionate about both the sport of cheerleading and the athletes I have had the privilege to coach. During my  coaching experience, I have lead my teams to many successes, including JAMZ National Titles, Grand Championships, and State Titles. I believe in the power of cheer to build girls into strong athletes and fierce competitors.This comes through not only in cheer but builds confidence in all areas of their lives. I am very excited to be the Head coach of both the traditional sideline program and the CIF sanctioned sport of STUNT. 


Brianna Gutierrez

Assistant Coach  (Sideline & STUNT)

I am Brianna Gutierrez. I recently graduated from Moorpark High School with the class of 2019. My passion for cheer started when I was 5 years old and I have been in all star cheer for the past 14 years. I have won the World Championships in all star cheerleading 4 times. I love the cheer world because it has helped me build many friendships and it is a fun outlet that allows me to express myself. I’m excited to begin an assistant coaching career with Moorpark High School Cheer because I love using my experience to help others.  My goal is as an assistant coach is to help the girls on the team have fun and enjoy their time as a High School cheerleader as well as teaching everyone something they may have never done before.

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